The Book

Rooted in Good Soil book coverJust like a fruitful tree, authentic faith is the result of careful tending, the passage of time, and good growing conditions. According to Jesus’ parable of the sower, true belief takes root in good soil. But how is this truth translated into changed lives? Pastor and farmer Tri Robinson invites you to cultivate a deep and lasting faith through this insightful exploration of Jesus’ parable. In a culture that seems enamored with quick fixes and superficial amusements, Rooted in Good Soil will show you a more intentional and fulfilling way to live.

Tri Robinson helps me understand how God’s land, our life development, and the Lord’s ministry can be integrated. Like Jesus, he tells us stories that change our lives. I loved reading this book!
Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed, Longwood, Florida

I want to become the “spiritual horticulturalist” that Rooted in Good Soil describes. Tri’s vulnerability and experiences inspire me to more deeply surrender to Jesus. This is the real deal.
Dave Workman, pastor and author of The Outward-Focused Life

I have liked and admired Tri Robinson for twenty years. In Rooted in Good Soil, he brings together the keen, curious, and sharp mind of a teacher; the wise experience of a farmer; the warm heart of a disciple; and the expert guidance of a veteran pastor. If you’re interested in how followership of Jesus really works, read this simple, enjoyable book.
Todd Hunter; founder of Churches for the Sake of Others; pastor of Holy Trinity Church, Costa Mesa, California

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